03.24.2017 Introducing the Lightholder


 As it turns out there are many Christed Children being born at this time, and they need protection from the “noise” from the unChristed energies of the Earth.  This is why Alexandriah has the Christed Children Protection Star Team to make their life easier. One of those children with a Christed soul is my youngest daughter.  The Conscious Participator also wrote about her nephew, another Christed baby.

Alexandriah was able to talk to my Christed child at the soul level. She is a Christed Soul of angelic origin of the Order of Michael.  She said to Alexandriah that she is a strong spiritual warrior and she needs a strong name.  She gave Alexandriah her name, and that is what she is called today, and I picked her middle name.  I had to honor my daughter’s soul and the name she gave us, and fight for her to have her name.  Where we live, it is neither a common name nor a traditional one.  So the other family members had to be accustomed to it (Alexandriah helped me with this).  The importance of her particular name is that it is her first level of protection.

 Fortunately though, it seems to becoming more “trendy” to have unusual names.  When Alexandriah spoke to my daughter’s soul, she called herself a Lightholder.. It seemed she had been near for some time…It was so special to me that she called herself a Lightholder, like the name of my blog, which I started in 2014, with the assistance of Alexandriah Stahr. 

Being a Christed soul with a Christed child is a special experience.  It was easy to bond with her, and I feel that she is easier for me to “understand” than my two other children, surely because she is more compatible to me, energy-wise.  But also what is special with the newly born Christed babies, is that they are born outside the Matrix, and so they are directly connected to Original Christed Mother Father Creator Source, without the unChristed disturbance of the Matrix programming in them, which is, very simplified, a program for stealing Christed energy.  It is so exciting to see what these special babies will do to this world, being the pure energy that they are.  No matter what they look like on the outside, it is the soul that is important, and the light that they bring into this world.

My daughter is channeling rejuvenation and longevity energies, so it will be very interesting to see what she will be doing when she is grown.  I am expecting to learn a lot from her.  What I do know already, is that it is important to take good care of these children, they are sensitive to energy, and they deserve a good, protected upbringing.  I also have a niece, which is a Christed soul, and an emotional healer.  I am glad that she and my daughter (born three weeks apart) will have the benefit of being and working together.  These are tough times, in which we live, but there is also something positive on the horizon which will be more visible as time goes by.

12.15.2016 Chemtrail Protection Star Team Results

12.15.2016 Chemtrail Protection Star Team Results
The improvements I have noticed in myself after being protected in the Chemtrail Protection Star Team, is the absence of respiratory problems, of both upper and lower respiratory infections.  Before getting  linked up with the Chemtrail Protection Star Team, I was plagued by bronchitis, and had been coughing for several weeks.  I usually had a long lasting infection at least twice a year.   A  week after being  in the Chemtrail Protection Star Team, my bronchitis disappeared and has not returned.  After my daughter was added to the Chemtrail Protection Star Team, she stopped complaining about stomach aches.  She was frequently complaining about discomfort and pain in her abdomen, and seems to me to be much healthier than other kids she is spending time with at her age.  She is in Kindergarten, and is 4 years old.  Alexandriah Stahr is the only one offering protection from these so called “Geoengineering Chemicals”  aka Chemtrails that are being sprayed into the atmosphere above us.  She is also updating the Chemtrail Protection Star Teams when needed, so you always get the best protection. No one else has these Christed Technologies!  Thank you Alexandriah for keeping us protected!

11.10.2016 Removal of Birth Matrix

Before giving birth to my youngest daughter, Alexandriah Stahr gave me a clearing and removed a Birth Matrix.  I have 2 older children, and have experiened dramatic births with both of them.  The first one had to be removed mechanically with a vacuum, and I lost a lot of blood, because I had an internal cervix rapture, that required surgery right after the baby was out, to stop the bleeding.  I lost about 2 litres of blood (of 4-5 litres total amount), which requires blood transfusion.  The baby was quite big.

My second child also had to have mechanical help, because of shoulder dystocia, which caused her arm to be paralyzed, and she had to be resuscitated for 5 long minutes before I was told that she was ok.  I didn’t lose as much blood this time, but was in agony because I was not given any form of pain relief.  With an i.v. infusion that is supposed to give you stronger contractions, also give you more pain.  The last part of the birth I was in constant pain, with no pauses that occur naturally with regular contractions, because of the infusion with the synthetic oxytocin hormone in the i.v. drip. Also seeing the doctors desperate face trying to deliver the baby didn’t help.

But this time, the feeling of anxiety of giving birth after two difficult ones, diminished after the birth matrix removal.  Because this baby was in a breech position, the doctors would like to manually turn my baby around and have me give birth.  But my intuition told me that this was not a good idea, so I refused the offer to turn my baby into a head down position, and I was instead scheduled for a planned C-section, because of my previous two difficult births with large babies.

I told the doctor that I had a feeling that it would happen before my scheduled time for a C-section, but that was the only available opening they had for that surgery.  And, of course, a week before my planned C-section, I started having contractions, and had to go to the hospital in the evening.  I notified Alexandriah when I was going to the hospital and she helped me with clearing work.  It ended with an emergency C-section that same night, but the event was not rushed in any way, so I will say that it was as good as a planned one.  I had previously meditated with Sananda and asked if I would have any discomfort/contractions with this baby, and my answer was a little.  That proved to be accurate, but it was manageable pain.  So it was good for the baby, because usually when you start having contractions, the baby is preparing and ready to come out.

The surgery went great and the baby was healthy.  I could have tried to deliver naturally, the baby would have come out feet first, and it would probably have been ok, since this baby was smaller than my previous two.  I must add that I also created a petition for an easy and beneficial birth for both me and the baby.  I did not specify birth method in my petition.

Alexandriah told me that this baby is of Christed Soul Origin and is also a healer channeling rejuvenation energies.  I was told that the baby would help heal my body after surgery.  Two weeks after the C-section, I felt pretty good body wise.  I have not had any complications like wound infection or other complications that can occur after surgery.

I’m doing great and so is the baby!


05.12.2016 Replacing anger with Christed Life Force

The Living Light of EELA gives elderly patients the Life Force they need to live or  even give them the energy they need to move on, when their body is dying.  I had a positive experience with using EELA as a replacement energy in an Alzheimer patient, 86 years old, that was acting very aggressively towards his caretakers at the nursing home where he lives.  He was kicking, trying to twist their arms, being generally agitated and angry.  Even threatened me, and other nurses, to kill us off.   He was channeling some pretty nasty energies, and he was more active at night than during the day.

First I cleared him of the evil energies he was taking in, then I set him up with EELA, the Christed Life Force Energy, ongoing and continuous for a week.  He was calmer during this time at night, not as aggressive and not acting out like he was before the clearing and replacement energies with EELA.

I set him up for another week with EELA after that, and now he was even calmer than before, and did not wake up as often during the night shift.  He was more manageable as a patient, because aggressive patients tend to cause disturbance and fear to the other patients as well.  By now he was more pacified, so I set him up for 30 days, just in case, and to keep the peace.  I see that it is so much better for both the patient and the other people around him, when he is channeling positive Life Force Energy instead of the anger energies he was taking in and acting out on.  He was like an antenna that would pick up anything that passed by.  Better to tune him into something positive and peaceful.
Learn more about the EELA attunement here.

05.11.2016 Parental Karma Release

The day after my previous session in April with Alexandriah Stahr, I dreamt of my mother when I was younger, and I saw hatred in her eyes when she looked at me.  I woke up because that dream made me cry.  It  was very tough to grow up in that environment, but  I am thinking, what a relief to the system to release that! I called on Mother Mary for comfort, the Mother of all mothers, and despite the sadness I felt, I have realized that my mother is probably not capable of love.  As Alexandriah has taught me, this is just a validation of the MATRIX lie, that you choose your parents.  This is absolutely not true! Who would in their right mind choose to be abused.  The truth is that your parents are assigned to you, as guards in the MATRIX system, so you will be conditioned to the enslavement of the unChristed MATRIX system.  As I have learned from Alexandriah, it is wise to clear karma between you and your relatives after each interaction with them, even after talking on the phone.  I am so happy that I was feeling neutral to my mother when I last saw her. No sore feelings, no nothing.    That was great!

For more information on Karmic Relationship Clearing, go to Alexandriah Stahr here.


11.12.2015 Creation Petition: Finding lost items

The Creation Petition Prayer that I have learned from Alexandriah Stahr and that I was reminded of, by this great post by the Conscious Participator, is really very effective. It bothered me that I had lost a certain “assessment card” at work that is a great tool for me when I have to assess my patients in the case of acute illness. I had recently gotten this card at a discourse, and was sad when I lost it at work.  After being on the lookout for it, and asking if anyone had seen it at work, I remembered to use this prayer to get it back from wherever it was. I had previously even looked in used work uniforms to see if I had left it in a pocket. Yuck!  Fortunately, I know how to clear myself.  But I was not able to find it anywhere.

I did the Creation Petition Prayer, before going to work last night.  Surprise, surprise!  After looking for my “assessment card” for the past week or so, what was the  first thing I saw when I came in to the main office that is used for reporting?  There it was, on the table in plain view!  Thank you Sananda! It is so great to get such tangible results!

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11.11. 2015 Voice healing and getting the right words out

The clearing in the Star Team and the attunements I have gotten that are available at star-esseenia.org have quickened my mind and sharpened my intuition which makes it easier to keep my boundaries from being “stepped over”. During my last session Alexandriah helped me with a healing on my voice, something that I needed help to remove that was inhibiting my voice, both in volume and, I believe, in getting the right words out at the right time. I am also receiving the added benefits of the Whole Brain Star Team, which basically improves your all over brain function. I have noticed an improvement when I have to talk to a group of people at work, especially, but I also had an encounter on my door that was a confirmation to me of this voice healing.

For instance, I dislike being approached by door sales people or by people from a certain religious group coming to your door (I know they are forced to do so, but still). I have in the past had difficulties with disappointing people, or flat out say “no”. Doing so much better with that.

I was quietly sitting down and had cleared myself after being out and about, when the door bell rang. There they were, two awkward looking ladies with their pamphlets and questions.

My reply came suddenly clearly out of my mouth as such: ” I believe in God, but I don’t believe in your religion”. They looked really surprised, and it turned out to be an effective way of turning them down, because it was something they couldn’t argue with.

Before I would always get great answers after people had left, because I “lost” my speech around intense people that like to discuss or argue. So this is a great improvement!

Thank you God! Thank you Alexandriah!

More information available at www.star-esseenia.org

10.22.2015 Clearing the way for a career change

As you can see from the healing of a past life of mine by Alexandriah Stahr this clearing has led me to enroll in an academy to become a cosmetic dermatologist nurse. I am very excited to start a new chapter in my nursing career.  Alexandriah has helped me clear blocks regarding me going in that direction.  I know some of them had to do with finances and even judgements about superficiality.  It will be interesting to see what comes out of this education.  I am thankful to get the help to release blocks and clear the way to get the life I really want.

This is what happens, with the help and assistance from Alexandriah Stahr and the Star Teams, a more beneficial reality unfolds.  Contact her here.

10.08.2015 Whole Brain Star Team: Improved memory and organization skills

The Whole Brain Star Team has so far improved my short term memory. I notice this when I have to report to the next shift at work and when you have to remember details about 32 patients from an 10 hour shift at night.  It’s not easy to do without having to write everything down. Now I notice I am not so dependent on my written list, I can speak without looking at my notes all the time. I now remember more easily what exact time the different patients got pain meds, etc.

I have also noticed I have better organization skills, without stressing out when unexpected obstacles happen, at work. This weekend I was in charge on the night shift, and because one employee came to work and started to throw up at the beginning of the shift (on Saturday night), I had to try to get someone else to fill his “shoes”. This is a new building, that is an addition to the old building where I work.  I needed someone to be there all the time, because the alarm system is not 100 % yet, it is a wireless system and the alarms only show in the office and the living room of that floor, not on the phones that we are carrying, like they are supposed to.  But instead of freaking out, I was able to use my intuition about who to call from a long list of people I didn’t know. Fortunately I was able to pretty quickly get a hold of a person that lived nearby work, to come ASAP, just caught her before she went to bed. That saved my shift from being too chaotic with a person short.

With this new Star Team I feel that I am managing more being in control of my emotions and behaviour, and keeping my emotional balance in spite of others being rude, etc, it is not affecting me in the same way as before.

As for my daughter, at age three, I felt she got smarter when she was linked up to the Monthly Star Team, but even more so now, with the Whole Brain Star Team. I think she is very articulate for her age. I have also gotten positive feedback on her communication skills and her behaviour from the kindergarten she attends.

This is only after a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see the long term effects. It has also had a positive effect on my sleep quality, and I remember  more of my dreams.

For more info on the Star Teams and the Whole Brain Star Team, go here.

10.02.2015 The Cause and Solution of an Allergy

In a session with Alexandriah Stahr, I asked about my allergy to Peru Balsam.  She had already helped me with my eczema, and I have been clear of that for some time now, but I was curious about the cause of my allergy for Peru Balsam. It is supposedly a tree that is native to Peru and is known as a common allergen.

She had previously explained to me that I should clear karma with products as I do with people and areas. She asked if I had cleared karma with the tree. I didn’t think of that earlier, so we also did that in the session.

Before my eczema was cleared, I took a patch test at the dermatologist’s office to find out if there was any allergy that was the cause of the inflamed skin. What set off the eczema was that I put a lot of different essential oils on my skin, that triggered a reaction, but I didn’t know which of the products I used that caused the eczema. Because once inflamed, the skin seemed to react to almost everything I put on it. This is when I was prompted to start making my own toiletries.

A number of surveys have identified Balsam of Peru as being in the “top five” allergens most commonly causing patch test reactions in people referred to dermatology clinics. It may cause inflammation, redness, swelling, soreness, itching, and blisters, including allergic contact dermatitis, stomatitis (inflammation and soreness of the mouth or tongue), cheilitis (inflammation, rash, or painful erosion of the lips, oropharyngeal mucosa, or angles of their mouth), pruritis, hand eczema, generalized or resistant plantar dermatitis, rhinitis, and conjunctivitis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balsam_of_Peru

I had previously experienced episodes of eczema, when I was younger, but hadn’t thought of checking if it was caused by allergy, because the doctor just gave me cortisone, and that was that.

But now being older, a little wiser, and a Star Team member, I was ready to get to the bottom of this.

Balsam of Peru is a sticky aromatic liquid that comes from cutting the bark of the tree Myroxolon balsamum, a tree that is native to El Salvador. The ‘Peru’ part of Balsam of Peru originates from when it was first named, El Salvador then being part of a Peruvian colony. Balsam of Peru smells of vanilla and cinnamon because it contains 60-70% cinnamein (a combination of cinnamic acid, cinnamyl cinnamate, benzyl benzoate, benzoic acid and vanillin). The other 30-40% contains resins of unknown composition. It also contains essential oils similar to those in citrus fruit peel. These are all potential allergens.

Balsam of Peru has 3 main uses: fragrance in perfumes and toiletries; flavouring in food and drink; healing properties in medicinal products.


Interestingly, what Alexandriah saw was a past life of mine, in the area where these trees would grow. She saw me pour a bath for someone, and that I used aromatics like oils/perfumes. Alexandriah told me that the tree, Balsam of Peru, was Annunaki, and I thought no wonder I was allergic to that! It is an unChristed tree and not even supposed to be here. Since allergic reactions in the body is supposed to protect it, my system was telling me that something was wrong, but it took me some time to figure out what it was. Thank you Alexandriah for that! She helped me heal my past life and reclaim my energy, along with the abilities and talents I had then. It is so great to be conscious of the cause, and to know that the problem that came up for clearing, was a part of me that tried to tell me something. You can say, the clearing in the Star Team over time helps you to heal and collect every part of you and uncover your abilities and talents. Now I know why I am interested in aromatics and esthetics, and making my own soap and other beauty products.

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