A lightholder’s spiritual journey of awakening unto the Ascension path, through clearing out the veils (matrix) that was put on when coming to this physical plane.  I have been aware to some degree, and I have had spiritual experiences that I could not explain away, and they increased in the time before I found Alexandriah Stahr, but I was not really “awake”.  Besides I was tired, and a little depressed, and felt like wanting to “go home”.  After searching the internet in April 2014, I found one of  Alexandriah Stahr’s websites.   She could explain everything and help me with the clearing necessary for clearing the way for the Inner Christ, and to be aware, conscious and take responsibility of my mission here.   Besides, getting this assistance makes this time here so much better!  After joining the Monthly Star Team, I feel safer, clearer and more energetic!  I am also now aware of why I felt like an outsider here and the feeling of loneliness, but I am also aware of the fact that we are not alone at all!  We are especially trained for the mission that we have here.

For more information about the matrix and clearing, see

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