Alexandriah Stahr

Alexandriah Stahr is a Christ Conscious Healer, Channel and Mastery Teacher. She is the conscious embodiment of Commander Star-Esseenia, the daughter of Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. She is known on the higher dimensions as Commander Star-Esseenia, Quadrant Commander of the Healing Division of the Ashtar Command. As such she has access to all of the healing modalities of the Ashtar Command to assist her with her clients.

On the Earth level, she is known as Rev. Alexandriah Stahr. She is the founder and director of the Star-Essence Temple of Living Light, a spiritual network of Christ Conscious individuals dedicated to healing and developing themselves in the Name of the Christ and developing their healing abilities to help others in preparation for Return of the Christ Vibration on the Earth.

Alexandriah’s mission is first, to assist all Ashtar Members to wake up and remember who they are, Lightholders for the Earth, and help them develop their healing talents and abilities they came to the Earth to share. Secondly, her healing work, which is called Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing removes the layers of MATRIX Programming which Overlays and limits human consciousness. As these layers of MATRIXES are removed, your ability to connect with your own Inner Christ and I AM Consciousness opens up and your natural talents and abilities can emerge. As that happens, Alexandriah can offer “Energy Attunements” and “Healer Training” to continue the process. Alexandriah’s job is not to create clones of herself but to mentor you through your own spiritual awakening process.

Lord Sananda is the “Christ Teacher” for the Earth. The Ashtar Command are the “Christ Protectors” for the Earth. As Quadrant Commander of the Ashtar Command Healing Division, I work with Lord Sananda and the Ashtar Command to bring about the Christed Divine Plan for the Earth, which is Freedom From the MATRIX (Lucifer’s Control) and return the Earth to the Christ Vibration.  As of 2012, the latest phase of the Planetary Ascension has begun, which is the opportunity for all souls to wake-up and realize who they are and get Free from The MATRIX.

My own talents and abilities are the result of being cleared and activated by the same Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Technology I use with my clients. Over the years, my own multi-dimensional consciousness has expanded to such a degree that I have a greater understanding than most people of the bigger picture. This makes me able to work with issues that other healers are totally unaware of, but all with the same intention, to return your consciousness to the Christ Vibration. As a result I have multiple websites which focus on different areas. These are not the result of study but inner memories returning. Although I have multiple websites, they only represent a few areas of my work. Beyond what is written on the internet, the only way to see if Alexandriah and her work is a fit for you is to schedule a First Time Consultation where you can ask questions and get answers for whatever issues you have.

In addition, my latest area of development is in the area of “Energetic Hormone Replacement” for the relief of menopause symptoms and other “Health Issues.” As the dismantling of the Planetary MATRIX Progressed since 2012, The Keys and Controls that have been in the hands of the dark forces have been returned to Collective Christ control. What that means is that the real ability to “heal the body” is emerging. I am now able to transmit and the body is able to receive, Christed Healing Energies to restore Hormone Balance to the body. Hormone Balance is the foundation for health and by extension longevity. Unfortunately the current options for menopause relief require you being your own expert and finding a practitioner that matches your view rather than limiting you with their inadequate understanding. This program will break all barriers to people’s understanding of what is possible and I am very excited by its potential. As this program is in development, myself and my current clients are the first to experience the benefits. once I am satisfied with the results, I will make it available to others. If you want more information about this program, ask during a First Time Caller Consultation.

I am grateful to “Lightholder” for creating this blog which is a journal of hers and others experiences with both my main program, the Monthly Star Team Program and the various other programs I have available.  I hope you are able to see what is possible for yourself in these stories.

All of my Websites have a My Websites Page which will allow you to go back and forth between them and not get lost. You can go to or see the list below.




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