I am a Lightholder, therefore the name of this blog. I am also a nurse (bachelor in general nursing), especially interested in women’s health and longevity.  Seeing the whole woman; emotional, mental and spiritual (soul), needs to be taken into account to get to the root causes of problems.  I am awakening into my spiritual path, to take responsibility for my mission here on this planet.  This involves clearing work, necessary to clear the way for my own Inner Christ.

I have always been interested in spiritual clearing, and I have tried a couple of other types of healing modalities, but didn’t really find something that worked for me until I found Alexandriah Stahr.  Also, after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I was feeling tired and depressed.  This is now improving (big time), therefore these testimonials.  This shows that the work that she does is effective, and at least for me, this was necessary.  I believe this to be extremely beneficial to everyone that is Christ Conscious.  I am grateful for this assistance, it makes my life and work here so much easier.

If you want to do spiritual work, I can highly recommend Alexandriah Stahr, an awesome Christ Conscious healer with the abilities to channel and manifest Christed Healing Technologies not formerly seen on this physical plane. I highly recommend to check out what she can do for you at www.star-esseenia.org   With her Hormone Replacement Support Star Team my hypothyroidism is now normalizing, which I am getting proof of via blood tests, saliva tests and general well-being.  In addition, with the clearing, you are freeing yourself  from what holds you back, so you can truly “find yourself” and open up your natural talents and abilities and change your reality to the benefit of all.


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