03.24.2017 Introducing the Lightholder


 As it turns out there are many Christed Children being born at this time, and they need protection from the “noise” from the unChristed energies of the Earth.  This is why Alexandriah has the Christed Children Protection Star Team to make their life easier. One of those children with a Christed soul is my youngest daughter.  The Conscious Participator also wrote about her nephew, another Christed baby.

Alexandriah was able to talk to my Christed child at the soul level. She is a Christed Soul of angelic origin of the Order of Michael.  She said to Alexandriah that she is a strong spiritual warrior and she needs a strong name.  She gave Alexandriah her name, and that is what she is called today, and I picked her middle name.  I had to honor my daughter’s soul and the name she gave us, and fight for her to have her name.  Where we live, it is neither a common name nor a traditional one.  So the other family members had to be accustomed to it (Alexandriah helped me with this).  The importance of her particular name is that it is her first level of protection.

 Fortunately though, it seems to becoming more “trendy” to have unusual names.  When Alexandriah spoke to my daughter’s soul, she called herself a Lightholder.. It seemed she had been near for some time…It was so special to me that she called herself a Lightholder, like the name of my blog, which I started in 2014, with the assistance of Alexandriah Stahr. 

Being a Christed soul with a Christed child is a special experience.  It was easy to bond with her, and I feel that she is easier for me to “understand” than my two other children, surely because she is more compatible to me, energy-wise.  But also what is special with the newly born Christed babies, is that they are born outside the Matrix, and so they are directly connected to Original Christed Mother Father Creator Source, without the unChristed disturbance of the Matrix programming in them, which is, very simplified, a program for stealing Christed energy.  It is so exciting to see what these special babies will do to this world, being the pure energy that they are.  No matter what they look like on the outside, it is the soul that is important, and the light that they bring into this world.

My daughter is channeling rejuvenation and longevity energies, so it will be very interesting to see what she will be doing when she is grown.  I am expecting to learn a lot from her.  What I do know already, is that it is important to take good care of these children, they are sensitive to energy, and they deserve a good, protected upbringing.  I also have a niece, which is a Christed soul, and an emotional healer.  I am glad that she and my daughter (born three weeks apart) will have the benefit of being and working together.  These are tough times, in which we live, but there is also something positive on the horizon which will be more visible as time goes by.