11.10.2016 Removal of Birth Matrix

Before giving birth to my youngest daughter, Alexandriah Stahr gave me a clearing and removed a Birth Matrix.  I have 2 older children, and have experiened dramatic births with both of them.  The first one had to be removed mechanically with a vacuum, and I lost a lot of blood, because I had an internal cervix rapture, that required surgery right after the baby was out, to stop the bleeding.  I lost about 2 litres of blood (of 4-5 litres total amount), which requires blood transfusion.  The baby was quite big.

My second child also had to have mechanical help, because of shoulder dystocia, which caused her arm to be paralyzed, and she had to be resuscitated for 5 long minutes before I was told that she was ok.  I didn’t lose as much blood this time, but was in agony because I was not given any form of pain relief.  With an i.v. infusion that is supposed to give you stronger contractions, also give you more pain.  The last part of the birth I was in constant pain, with no pauses that occur naturally with regular contractions, because of the infusion with the synthetic oxytocin hormone in the i.v. drip. Also seeing the doctors desperate face trying to deliver the baby didn’t help.

But this time, the feeling of anxiety of giving birth after two difficult ones, diminished after the birth matrix removal.  Because this baby was in a breech position, the doctors would like to manually turn my baby around and have me give birth.  But my intuition told me that this was not a good idea, so I refused the offer to turn my baby into a head down position, and I was instead scheduled for a planned C-section, because of my previous two difficult births with large babies.

I told the doctor that I had a feeling that it would happen before my scheduled time for a C-section, but that was the only available opening they had for that surgery.  And, of course, a week before my planned C-section, I started having contractions, and had to go to the hospital in the evening.  I notified Alexandriah when I was going to the hospital and she helped me with clearing work.  It ended with an emergency C-section that same night, but the event was not rushed in any way, so I will say that it was as good as a planned one.  I had previously meditated with Sananda and asked if I would have any discomfort/contractions with this baby, and my answer was a little.  That proved to be accurate, but it was manageable pain.  So it was good for the baby, because usually when you start having contractions, the baby is preparing and ready to come out.

The surgery went great and the baby was healthy.  I could have tried to deliver naturally, the baby would have come out feet first, and it would probably have been ok, since this baby was smaller than my previous two.  I must add that I also created a petition for an easy and beneficial birth for both me and the baby.  I did not specify birth method in my petition.

Alexandriah told me that this baby is of Christed Soul Origin and is also a healer channeling rejuvenation energies.  I was told that the baby would help heal my body after surgery.  Two weeks after the C-section, I felt pretty good body wise.  I have not had any complications like wound infection or other complications that can occur after surgery.

I’m doing great and so is the baby!