11.12.2015 Creation Petition: Finding lost items

The Creation Petition Prayer that I have learned from Alexandriah Stahr and that I was reminded of, by this great post by the Conscious Participator, is really very effective. It bothered me that I had lost a certain “assessment card” at work that is a great tool for me when I have to assess my patients in the case of acute illness. I had recently gotten this card at a discourse, and was sad when I lost it at work.  After being on the lookout for it, and asking if anyone had seen it at work, I remembered to use this prayer to get it back from wherever it was. I had previously even looked in used work uniforms to see if I had left it in a pocket. Yuck!  Fortunately, I know how to clear myself.  But I was not able to find it anywhere.

I did the Creation Petition Prayer, before going to work last night.  Surprise, surprise!  After looking for my “assessment card” for the past week or so, what was the  first thing I saw when I came in to the main office that is used for reporting?  There it was, on the table in plain view!  Thank you Sananda! It is so great to get such tangible results!

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