11.11. 2015 Voice healing and getting the right words out

The clearing in the Star Team and the attunements I have gotten that are available at star-esseenia.org have quickened my mind and sharpened my intuition which makes it easier to keep my boundaries from being “stepped over”. During my last session Alexandriah helped me with a healing on my voice, something that I needed help to remove that was inhibiting my voice, both in volume and, I believe, in getting the right words out at the right time. I am also receiving the added benefits of the Whole Brain Star Team, which basically improves your all over brain function. I have noticed an improvement when I have to talk to a group of people at work, especially, but I also had an encounter on my door that was a confirmation to me of this voice healing.

For instance, I dislike being approached by door sales people or by people from a certain religious group coming to your door (I know they are forced to do so, but still). I have in the past had difficulties with disappointing people, or flat out say “no”. Doing so much better with that.

I was quietly sitting down and had cleared myself after being out and about, when the door bell rang. There they were, two awkward looking ladies with their pamphlets and questions.

My reply came suddenly clearly out of my mouth as such: ” I believe in God, but I don’t believe in your religion”. They looked really surprised, and it turned out to be an effective way of turning them down, because it was something they couldn’t argue with.

Before I would always get great answers after people had left, because I “lost” my speech around intense people that like to discuss or argue. So this is a great improvement!

Thank you God! Thank you Alexandriah!

More information available at www.star-esseenia.org