10.08.2015 Whole Brain Star Team: Improved memory and organization skills

The Whole Brain Star Team has so far improved my short term memory. I notice this when I have to report to the next shift at work and when you have to remember details about 32 patients from an 10 hour shift at night.  It’s not easy to do without having to write everything down. Now I notice I am not so dependent on my written list, I can speak without looking at my notes all the time. I now remember more easily what exact time the different patients got pain meds, etc.

I have also noticed I have better organization skills, without stressing out when unexpected obstacles happen, at work. This weekend I was in charge on the night shift, and because one employee came to work and started to throw up at the beginning of the shift (on Saturday night), I had to try to get someone else to fill his “shoes”. This is a new building, that is an addition to the old building where I work.  I needed someone to be there all the time, because the alarm system is not 100 % yet, it is a wireless system and the alarms only show in the office and the living room of that floor, not on the phones that we are carrying, like they are supposed to.  But instead of freaking out, I was able to use my intuition about who to call from a long list of people I didn’t know. Fortunately I was able to pretty quickly get a hold of a person that lived nearby work, to come ASAP, just caught her before she went to bed. That saved my shift from being too chaotic with a person short.

With this new Star Team I feel that I am managing more being in control of my emotions and behaviour, and keeping my emotional balance in spite of others being rude, etc, it is not affecting me in the same way as before.

As for my daughter, at age three, I felt she got smarter when she was linked up to the Monthly Star Team, but even more so now, with the Whole Brain Star Team. I think she is very articulate for her age. I have also gotten positive feedback on her communication skills and her behaviour from the kindergarten she attends.

This is only after a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see the long term effects. It has also had a positive effect on my sleep quality, and I remember  more of my dreams.

For more info on the Star Teams and the Whole Brain Star Team, go here.