09.10.2015 Flexible and pain-free

The Blue Velvet Star Team is great for my “stiff” neck and back. This Star Team has saved me a lot from going to the chiropractor to work on my neck and back. Before this Star Team, I went pretty regularly to the chiropractor to alleviate symptoms.  I also would get symptoms from the hip and pelvis area.  Even though I am physically active, I lift and sometimes use my back in awkward ways to help a patient, and I am left with the pain afterwards. When I get a headache, I know it’s usually because of issues in my neck and back.
A little while ago, I was plagued with horrible headaches for two days.   I was nauseous and not well. I thought I had to go to the chiropractor, but then I thought, wait a minute, I will try the Blue Velvet Star Team first!  The Blue Velvet Star Team is great for relieving pain, discomfort and balancing muscular tension.  I had forgotten about it for several days, and I had worked a lot, so I was pretty “stiff”.
After two nights with the Star Team on for 8 hours a night while my body rested, my body was feeling “good to go” again! So now, when I get that kind of a headache, I know it’s most likely because I have forgotten to activate the Blue Velvet Star Team.
As long as I remember to activate it at night, because it works wonders when you are sleeping, I am pain-free.  My back and neck is again flexible and and my body feels comfortable.

Go to this site to get more information about the Star Teams.