09.03.2015 Strengthened intuition and decisionmaking skills

After the Truth Ray attunement I have noticed that it improves/strengthens my intuition, aids me in decision-making, and making decisions more quickly. This can boost your confidence, because it gives you more certainty.
Take everyday activities like shopping, for example. The Truth Ray makes it easier to make decisions, if something is necessary to buy or not. It helps me decide that much quicker than before and I have more certainty of the decisions I am making.
The Truth Ray is very helpful in my job, where I often have to assess patients for what kind of medical care they need, and if something is life-threatening or not. It feels to me that the Truth Ray strengthens my intuition, so I can take appropriate action.
It is also helpful in getting the truth from someone when you ask them about something. My impression is that they are more “ready” to tell you things. The Truth Ray also makes you tell other people the truth, so be aware if there is something you don’t want to share.

But I feel that it is a great tool to have to manage your life in this physical reality, and it guides you in the right direction, making the right decisions and taking the right action.
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