09.02.2015 Support to reduce cravings and stabilizing blood sugar

After 10 days of having the support of the Lavender Ray Star Team, I have found it to reduce cravings for unnecessary snacking in between meals. It seems to me that I get full sooner, so I don’t overeat.  In addition, it is now easier to resist the temptation of unnecessary snacking. I tested this by going to a cafè with acquaintances, and I resisted the temptation of ordering cake or muffin whith coffee. I felt fine, even if it was close to dinner time.
I have noticed that I don’t get the same cravings on the night shift that I ususally do. I usually get more hungry on the night shift, and eat more after stress. I didn’t feel the same hunger after a lot of stress at work one night, just managed to eat when I had time (it was close to 0400 at night, I usually eat before 0130 a.m.). I had a lot to do that night, one patient was critically ill and another patient was dying, in addition to all the other patients.

My blood sugar feels more stable, otherwise I am sensitive to stress, and start feeling symptoms of low blood sugar, when I don’t eat regularly. I also have Diabetes type 2 in the family on both sides, so it is good to try to prevent that from developing.
And just noticed that I have lost a little over 2 pounds with no effort whatsoever…

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