08.20.2015 EELA to Protect Your Energy

Working as a nurse, means being around a lot of people that are in need of energy. Some people are desperate and take whatever they can get, and to protect yourself from that, EELA is a great tool. Then you have energy “on hand” they can “take” without taking your “personal energy”.

“The Living light of EELA is a Christ Vibration Energy sponsored by Mother EELA, the nature goddess known as Mother Nature. It is the Life Force Energy that nourishes your physical body as well as all of your energy bodies”.

I use the Living Light of EELA when I touch patients. This way, my patients can get all the energy they want or need without “sucking me dry”. Before the EELA attunement, I was constantly feeling tired from work and didn’t have enough energy to do all the things I wanted to do in my daily life.  I also have kids to take care of.

My patients also get the added bonus of getting a healing, because EELA “repairs and regenerates cells for health and healing”. I have seen the positive, measurable effects of this as increased oxygen percentage in patients with respiratory ailments.

EELA can even be turned on for 24 hours a day. I do this regularly, especially when working, and this way, I have a lot of energy, even if I work a lot.  If I for some reason forget to turn it on, I notice it quickly by feeling “low on energy” and tired, when being around patients. With EELA, I have the energy to do what I need to do in my daily life.

When you have the energy you need, you are also much happier and patient with other people. Try It! I highly recommend it!

It works for plants, animals and people. I also use it on my pets. Even my plants. It is also a great growing tool.

For more information about the Living Light of EELA, see Alexandriah Stahr’s websites.