07.08.2015 Sananda and Mother Mary

When I was 13-14, I had a vision of Sananda, also known as Jesus the Christ. At that time, I was already nearsighted, I had reading glasses, but I didn’t like to wear them while out and about. While I was out walking one day, I saw Christ before me, very clear and present. I didn’t know him as Sananda at that time, but when I saw him, everything was clear and my vision was sharp. It filled me with peace and joy.

I feel the same peace and joy now when I am connecting with Sananda in meditation. I use the Sananda meditation cards from Alexandriah Stahr, and I have been the happy receiver of the Sananda Heart Initiation, which makes it easier to exercise safe meditation and develop your relationship with Sananda. This is also a part of my “exercise routine”.  You have to develop your “spiritual muscles” consciously, so to speak. When I tune in to Lord Sananda, I am filled with peace and joy, and I am able to get clearer answers to my spiritual questions. This meditation routine makes me feel calmer and betters my ability to handle the “physical stress” of living with and being around other people and patients. Before I received the Sananda Heart Initiation, I tried to meditate, but felt that “imposters” were trying to contact me all the time and disturb my connection. With the continued clearing in the Monthly Star Team and strengthening my conscious relationship with Sananda, it is a more fun and enlightening experience to meditate now.

I recently ordered the Ashtar Postcard Collection with pictures of ascended masters, angels and commanders. Great accessories to your meditation. As I also have a strong affinity to Mother Mary, this picture of her is very similar to the way I saw her in meditation. I became aware of her presence when I was around 19 and started to explore my spiritual side, although in the wrong Company.  I took a healing class and when we were told to draw our healing guide, I drew Mother Mary.  But it is not untill later, after starting my clearing process with Alexandriah Stahr, that I understand more of the spiritual connection.

Once when I was meditating, I was in the bathtub, and was so relaxed as I had asked Sananda to talk to Mother Mary.  After that, I remember seeing her face, heard “don’t fall asleep”, and I realized I had almost dozed off.  They are definately watching over us.  Thank you Mother Mary and Lord Sananda and Alexandriah Stahr for providing the service that you do!