06.03.2015 Removal of Asperger Matrix

My son has since early childhood, been different from other kids in that he is not easily talked into doing unexpected or things that can challenge him, especially physically. He was very stubborn in his ways, and even in school, no teacher could force him to do something, if he was reluctant, especially in physical education. My son would withdraw physically from the class if he was pressured to do something he didn’t want to. The other kids also used to tease him because he was a “crier”, meaning he took to tears when something didn’t go his way, or if he was criticized in some manner. Amazingly enough, he always had friends, but only those with similar interests. He is a little computer wizard. He has also been good in math.

After he received his healing from Alexandriah Stahr, he has been very stable, moodwise.  He has not cried a tear since that healing, even when confronted with things, that could be perceived as critisism, by him. Just that, is wonderful to see, and he has been easier to talk to, not withdrawing as much as he used too. Before it was like he just pulled up a wall and you couldn’t get through, if he did not want to talk or listen.

The reason I requested this healing, is because I knew he was different, and I have had him psyche evaluated.   The evaluators thought he had problems with concentration, like the attention deficit disorders ADD/ADHD.  He is not hyper at all, quite the opposite.   And they didn’t come to a conclusion, or a diagnose, because my son refused to take the last tests, that were written tests. That is his least favorite thing to do, write with pen and paper. But the main reason he refused, was that he understood the degree of difficulty of the written tests.  And he understood that they were too difficult for him (the tests were made for adults).  This was last year, when he was 13.

Some time back, I dreamt that someone told me in a dream that he had Asperger syndrome. I somehow knew in the dream that this woman was a professor in psychiatry (I have precognitive dreams, so I usually get answers or some future happenings in dreams). This made me request a Matrix removal from Alexandriah Stahr, recently, when we started to talk about my son, and I am happy to witness positive results. When I ask him how he feels now, every time he says he feels fine, and I haven’t seen him “down” or withdrawn, I think, since he received that healing.  Awesome!!!!!

I am very grateful!