05.13.2015 Being on time

I recently was very happy to receive a Matrix removal healing that I didn’t even think could be a Matrix. It was actually unwanted (and unChristed) “programming” that makes you be late.

It is easier to be on time without too much stress now, after receiving the Matrix removal that has kept me being late with more or less 5 minutes. Even more when there was appointments that I was dreading. I used to stress a lot before appointments, something would always happen that would hinder me in some way. You know it’s not good when you hope that the other person is late, too. This has especially been difficult when you have important meetings, that makes you look bad when you are late for an appointment. This can really mess up your life. Even if it is not your intention, and you don’t want to disrespect other people’s time.

Before this healing, even if I struggled to get on the road in time, there would be someone in traffic to slow me down so I would be late, even if I, in theory, should have made it on time. I don’t feel that same “resistance” now, when I have to be somewhere at a certain time. And now I get to appointments 5 minutes before, instead of being 5 minutes late.

The stress that came with that Matrix is gone.  Alexandriah has the Christed Technology to do this.