03.21.2015 Increased Creativity

I feel an increase in creative energy, I sometimes bubble over with new ideas and creative projects, also useful ones. I have become more interested in do-it-yourself projects, to make my own healthy soaps, creams and some cosmetics, like lip balm, which is fairly easy when you have the ingredients.  Also growing some vegetables and herbs when the season allows it.

I am not an expert at this, but it is fun, and my life in general is more fun now that I am getting more conscious and clearer by the day.

I know the increased creativity is from freeing up energy with the clearings I get from the Monthly Star Team, getting free from the Matrix.

Another bonus of the clearings is that I can  feel that the prayers and techniques I use are even more effctive and seem to work faster.  For instance, yesterday, my 3 year old was crying because she was really tired.  I used a prayer to clear the energy behind her distress and she immediately stopped crying.   Pretty awesome!  The techniques that I learn from Alexandriah Stahr keeps me happy and aligned with my Path.

IMG_1587 IMG_1589

Creative results, soap and lip balm…