03.15.2015 Eczema Relief

A recent session with Alexandriah Stahr I told her about my problem with eczema that was activated two months earlier by something used on my skin. I have had it before, but the eczema had been more or less dormant for years. It was my hands that were mostly affected by this, but it also started to appear other places on my body, too. She took a look at the problem and found and removed a Matrix. At first I just felt happy. Two days later I felt and saw that my skin started healing. It is so much better now, and my colleages have commented on how fast my skin was getting better, because my hands looked almost like peeled tomatoes. And it was painful since my hands are so important in my work, and I have to sanitize them at work, which is not so gentle on the skin.

I also notice that my skin is doing better when I remember to use the purifying prayer for my food and drink and whatever creams or oils I use on my body.

Even though I was trying to be careful with what I eat and put on my body, it works so much better when I remember to purify what I use with the technique that Alexandriah teaches.