2015.02.05 More cooperation and less friction

The energetic support you receive from the Star Teams (that is included in The Monthly Star Team), can also be beneficial to you, even without any other effort on your part, other than that you remember to use them (prayers and macros) daily, preferably before you start your day.

As an example, the other day, I had something delivered to my house and the delivery man was obviously stressed. I thought he would carry the goods inside the house, and I asked him if he could take them in through the back door, but he said that he didn’t have time for that, he had about 40 deliveries per day, so it would probably be a different price if he was to carry things inside and place them. I didn’t say much, just that I understood, I was just trying to be polite, and so I started carrying the lighter things, and put them outside my front door. But when I had carried the smaller stuff he had a big box on his trolley and came to the front door, he said if I would support the box as he took the trolley up the stairs (in front of the door), he would help me get it indoors. It was a cold day that day, and I was home alone, so I couldn’t have managed the big items by myself. So he actually helped me get the big items inside, even though he had already said he was not paid to do so. I feel that the energetic support (from The Star Teams) creates less friction and eases cooperation with other people. Unconsciously or not, I feel that other people are more friendly and responds to you in a more positive way with this energetic support.

If you are not in the Monthly Star Team, I highly recommend the Zero Point Frequency and Power of Love Star Teams together, I love them!

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