01.29.2014 Energetic support for positive and beneficial life experiences

Recently I have also been looking for a less stressful job, and so I applied for another position at an institution that has a good reputation for being a place where employees thrive.  Because of that, there are not many available positions there. I applied, and got called in for an interview (they told me at the interview that there were nine applicants for the job, and that 5 were chosen to be interviewed). I went to the interview, and even though I was tired, after a night shift on a particular stressful shift at my current job, thanks to the energy support from the Star Teams, I was able to go through with the interview that day. I feel that especially with the continued energetic support with the energies of The Power of Love and The Zero Point Frequency Star Teams, enhance and make interpersonal relationships easier and more enjoyable. In addition, I healed myself with The Living Light of EELA that keeps me feeling energized, and not feeling as tired as when I have forgotten to activate this energy when at work or elsewhere. I have tried both, and I certainly felt really tired when I didn’t activate The Living Light of EELA when being at work with so many People around.  So many patients are in need of energy, that can make me feel depleted when not having the continued life force energy of Mother Nature to offer them, instead of using up my own, that I need for managing my own life.

I feel that because of this energetic support from the Star Teams, that the two people that interviewed me, was positive and they actually gave me positive feedback verbally at the interview. I also believe that because of this energetic support you can attract more uplifting experiences and that there is a greater possibility that the people that you attract in your reality with this energetic support will be more beneficial for you. I am so glad I found Alexandriah Stahr’s website and signed up for the Monthly Star Team. The benefits and support I am receiving from this, is priceless. Also, the result from the job interview is that I was offered the job I applied for.