01/12/2015 Protection from negative energies and negative behaviour

My boss told me they needed a professional assessment of a unit at the institution I work at.  They basically needed to know if one person could be enough at night or, if they would have to have two people at work there.  I had never been placed at that unit, as I usually are ambulant at night.

I had an experience  with a patient with Alzheimer’s disease that was acting out negative behaviour at night and made a lot of noise and woke up other patients that were sleeping. I tried to calm him down, which was not easy, because he was in his own “bubble” and very determined to try and get into another patients room, I had to lock the door, so he wouldn’t get in and frighten or harm the other patient. I called another nurse for assistance as I was alone with these patients that night. Before that nurse managed to come and help me I had managed to divert him from the door he was determined to get into,and lead him towards his own room, so we could isolate him from the other patients. I did some clearing work on him and thank the energies of the Power of Love and the Zero Point Frequency for protection (as well as other Star Teams) from being attacked by this patient, because even in his aggressiveness you could see a positive response when he was looking at me, so I am certain that the protective energies kept me from being struck down by this tall man. I am petite, so physically I don’t have much to defend myself with, if he was intent on taking me down. In addition I prayed to reinstate peace among the people present.  After a while the aggressive patient calmed down in his room.
After this incident I reported back to my boss the need for having more people at work at night on this unit to avoid personal injuries. To my experience some people with dementia, especially in the frontal lap of the brain, tend to get very aggressive and will try to provoke negative behaviour in others. As such, they can turn the whole unit upside down. I told my boss this would be my only shift in that place, and since then, they have been two persons there at night because of several patients that tend to be aggressive.