12/18/2014 Reclaiming Your Energy

I had an experience at the local shopping mall where I was with my daughter to get some necessities. When I was carrying her, and went from one shop to the next, I was about to pay, and discovered that I had lost my wallet. I immediately said to the clerk that I had to go look for my wallet that I had dropped on the way there. Fortunately I did know approximately where I had lost it and started to look for it there and asked if someone had seen a wallet on the ground. Fortunately, and I believe this is because I am so protected now (the Star Team), I was being called on the speaker that someone had found my wallet, and told me where I could go to reclaim it. I have also learned when you lose something, it’s time to reclaim your energy and clear yourself and give yourself a healing, which I did. It works, because not a single coin had been taken from my wallet! Symbolically, my energy returned to me.

Now, when I have to go to shopping malls, I like to clear the space there, so the shopping there is a much nicer and calmer experience for me. It’s great to have tools to deal with the chaos, that can occur in such places.

I am really grateful for the protection from the Star Teams and the techniques I have learned from Alexandriah Stahr to have such an improved experience of my reality, and knowing that my life is improving every day.