11.19.2014 Improvements at Work

In the past few months since I started the clearing work with Alexandriah Stahr, I have seen changes in my work environment. In addition to regularly clearing my work space, I have also sent healings to managers and co-workers.
There were especially two managers at the institution where I work, whom I perceived as pretty “dark” in their ways of managing their departments. They didn’t seem to have the right skills for the job, and seemed to lack empathy and general respect in the way they treated the employees.  I had one of them as a manager, before I switched to another position in the same establishment.  I sent them both the Dragon Slaying healing.

I sent them the healing shortly after I learned it from Alexandriah, this July. I have also sent other co-workers this healing, but in these two I have seen the most obvious difference manifested. Now (this fall) they have both resigned from their managing positions! They still work in the same place, but as ordinary employees, and not in management. I also see a difference in their behaviour, they seem more soft in a way. It’s like de-arming them, because people used to fear their ways. This means that my place of work had to hire two new managers to fill their positions. I have already met the first of the two, and she seemed to have much better “people skills” , and she seems motivated to create better working conditions, and so I thank God for this new replacement. It is motivating to witness such positive changes.

For more information about the healing and clearing work, contact Alexandriah Stahr here.

A big thank you to Alexandriah Stahr, Ashtar – Solar Star Command, Lord Sananda and Mother/Father Creator Source for making these positive changes possible!