11.18.2014 EELA and Anxiety Attacks

I have seen in my work, that I meet a lot of elderly women with anxiety issues. As I have learned from Alexandriah, anxiety attacks can be a symptom of low energy. I have found in my practice of nursing that when I have time to sit and hold their hand, for instance, for a while, I am able to give them energy in the form of Living Light of EELA, the Life Force Energy that replenishes the body and energy bodies.  If I can sit there for a while and hold their hand and talk to them, they won’t have the same need for anxiety medications, to calm them down. Then they can receive the energy they need, and I watch them go from desperate to calm. It’s pretty cool to watch.
Although some patients would like to have you there all the time, if you are there a little while and give them EELA, they are more OK, when you say you have to go do something else.
EELA is an effectful energy in palliative care as well. There is once in a while patients that are nearing death, and you can see that they are struggling. There was this one old gentleman that was very agitated and restless, it looked like he was trying to fight death, and morphine didn’t have the wanted effect. When I went to see him, I sat next to him and touched his head and shoulder, and gave him EELA untill he calmed down. After a while he was finally able to relax and sleep. I also pray for my dying patients, so they will not stick around, but go to their next right place for them. This man died shortly after, not on my shift, but the main effect in palliation is, that the passing is more peaceful.

As for me, EELA replenishes me also, so I don’t “use up” my energy taking care of these patients.  I can still feel energetic when I get home after a 10 hour shift.  To me, that is priceless!

For more information on healing and EELA, see Alexandriah Stahr’s websites and University of Living Light.