11.06.2014 The benefits of clearing the workspace

Now I prepare more consciously before entering the work space. When I use clearing prayers before my shift at work, before arriving at work, my experience of the shift is much better. It is calmer and not so chaotic as shifts as a nurse can be, when not clearing the work space and the people in it. This way, I feel that the time at work is more evenly paced and calmer.  Instead of being thrown into a lot of incidents that are occurring at the same time, I feel that incidents are more evenly happening throughout the shift, without the chaos, when everything is happening all at once, and you get stressed because you cannot be everywhere at the same time. This clearing and preparing is done by prayers taught by Alexandriah Stahr.
Also, clearing myself with the prayers and healing myself help clear out the negative feelings and emotions caused by interacting with other people and negative energies. In my experience, other people are not even aware that their behavior is affecting other people in a negative way. This realization is part of getting clearer. It is reminding me that even if it’s difficult, it’s better to try and stay “cool” and not get “caught up” in other people’s drama. I am praying instead. Because I work in a field with a lot of other women, and it is known that women talk, and I want to tread lightly, not to get caught up in something, with other women that are playing out some sort of drama. I am not interested in drama. I am interested in getting clear. Fortunately, thanks to clearing with Alexandriah Stahr and the Star Teams, I am experiencing less drama in my life now than before. I feel more protected now, and I have more energy. It is also very beneficial that people respond to you in a positive way.
Also, with the assistance of the Conscious Star Team, I get help with clearing out specific issues. Let’s say, if I get upset over some issue, I ask them for clearing on that specific issue, and I usually feel fine the next day.
I am grateful the Monthly Star Team with all the benefits and for the phone sessions with Alexandriah Stahr and her helpful insights in different topics.
For more information, go to Alexandriah Stahr’s websites.