10.24.2014 Dreams and Sananda’s Christed Protection

I have always had precognitive dreams as far as I can remember (mostly related to pleasant things, like friends having a baby, and knowing the sex of the baby through my dreams). I don’t have many precognitive dreams about other people now, because now I know to disconnect from other people, to keep my energies clear and be “energetically independent”. This is why I would dream so much about other people and their lives, because I wasn’t aware of the fact that I should disconnect from them. Alexandriah Stahr has some great prayers and programs to keep you protected and your energies clear. As I have learned from Alexandriah, these prayers are a “spiritual hygiene habit that will keep you energies clear so you won’t be “picking up other peoples’ stuff”. Although it was fun when I knew beforehand that an aquaintance would get a baby boy, for instance, I appreciate more keeping my energies clear and to my own use. I would get really tired of being with other people before getting this protection and these tools, because I felt that some people would just “suck me dry”. Now, thanks to Alexandriah Stahr, I know how to disconnect from others and reclaim my energy, so I no longer feel depleted.

I really want to recommend Sanandas Christed Protection – Star Team for protection on your path.  I no longer have those scary dreams of being attacked, that I used to have.  I remember the last scary dream I had of evil beings shooting at me, and remember that I had to crawl and hide.  I remember thinking in my dream that if they shoot me in the head, I’m dead.  So I had to protect myself.  When I first started to meditate and consciously ask Sananda for guidance, he wanted me to join Sananda’s Christed Protection – Star Team. I took that seriously, this was after my 2 Week Fast Track Clearing. I also made the choice to join the Monthly Star Team, with many programs included, among them, Sananda’s Christed Protection.  After joining the Star Team, I have not had any more nightmares.