10.23.2014 Discernment and increased clarity

I have noticed that it is getting easier to hold my focus in meditation, because of the clearing (in the Monthly Star Team), my concentration and clarity is improving.  I still get distracted, but it’s easier to pull my attention back into meditation, and I can see things clearer now.  That’s the joy of getting clearer, you start to see and realize things that has always been right there, but couldn’t see clearly before!   My knowing of what I see is better than before.  This “strengthening” of my inner knowing and senses is a product of the clearing work, that is an ongoing process with the Monthly Star Team.

I also felt the need to be attuned to Science of the Living Light of Creation Flame, to transmute more negative energy, and use this as a discernment tool. I feel really clear after healing myself with The Creation Flame. It feels nice and warm to me, this is an “added bonus”, since I live in a pretty cold place. The Living Light of Creation Flame is also a great discernment tool. You use this and see if they are able to “stand” in Gods energy.

It is a handy tool to have in meditation, because I felt that there were beings approaching me, in order to deceive me.  Now I can see if beings that approach me can “stand” in the Light of the Christ.  If they can, great, if they cannot stand in God’s Light, I don’t want to listen to what they have to say. I feel more empowered with the Creation Flame, because I know that ill-intended beings respect it and are more likely to leave you alone.

 “The Science of Living Light of Creation Flame is a powerful healing ray for clearing, transmuting negative energy, for bagging up dark forces and discerning who is who”.

Alexandriah Stahr

Get more information and your attunement here at  University of Living Light.