10.15.2014 Reducing bodily aches and pains

About the effects on the body that have to do with bodily aches and pains, Alexandriah Stahr offer a solution for that in her Monthly Star Team Program.  It’s one (of the many programs in the Monthly Star Team Program) called the Blue Velvet Ray Star Team and the Blue Velvet Ray  relieves you from your bodily aches and pains while you are sleeping.  The benefits of this for me, is that when I use this at night when my body rests, it dissolves the aches and pains and stiffness, that  tend to accumulate in my body.   Last night I forgot to activate it, and I really felt the difference on my run today.  I have a  “bad” right knee (physical damage from injury) and sometimes aching hips because of heavy lifting.  I also tend to get stiffness in my neck and back.  My right knee and hip were acting up during my run, so I had to give myself a healing, but then that worked well, so I feel fine again.   Before I joined the Monthly Program with all it’s benefits, I had to use a bandage on my knee while exercising to keep it stable, in order  to reduce the pain.  After the progress I’m getting from the Monthly Star Team Program, I no longer have to use bandages on my knee for support.