10.09.2014 Better growing results

I never had so-called “green thumbs”, but I like to see plants grow. This year I used The Living Light of EELA as a “growing tool”. This Life Force Energy is clearly a super growing tool, because all the fruitbearing  plants in my garden brought forth a lot of fruits this year!

I planted some tomato seeds, and watered them with water charged with the Living Light of EELA.  I planted the tomato seeds inside first, but had to move them outside, because they grew out of their pots inside. I used no other fertilizers or herbicides/pesticides of any kind. The tomato plants looked pretty healthy, too. I also gave the soil in my garden a healing (with the Living Light of EELA), for all the plants there. I have a lot of strawberry plants and raspberry bushes outside. There were even apples on a young apple tree, which bore no fruit last year. A lot of tomatoes were still green when I had to take them in, because it got too cold outside, but I put some apples next to them, to ripen them. They taste great!


My indoor orchids that I have not had success with before, started flowering again.

It’s like recuscitation for plants, this Life Force Energy really revives them. I have one plant, a “Peace Lily”, that looked like it was dying, I couldn’t figure out how to make better conditions for it, I tried changing pots, moving places, etc. But after being attuned to the Living Light of EELA, I gave it a healing, and watered it with charged (with Living Light) water, and now it has nice fresh, new, green leaves, and it looks like a young, vibrant plant, and not like an old, dying one.
As for growing food, I can only imagine what can be achieved, if I had a greenhouse, or if I was growing stuff in a warmer climate (because the summer season here is short). This is a field to be explored!




Two tomato plants (I had to plant them outdoors, because they got so big in their pots inside)