10.04.2014 No more hypothyroidism!

After 2 and a half months of “Energetic Hormone Replacement”, I had an additional bloodtest taken for my thyroid function, on Monday the 29th of September. I know usually the body needs about 3 months to renew or adjust itself, when using supplements, etc., to see the effects. This is, for example, also relevant when taking hormones topically, like progesterone, which will take 3-4 months to reach physiologic equillibrium, when deficient from the beginning of treatment. Being new to the experience of getting the hormones energetically, I am excited to see proof of the effects in tests.

My bloodtest taken the 29th of September states that my TSH level is within normal range now, so yes, getting the energy frequencies works! Because of the “Energetic Hormone Replacement” I don’t have to take medication for hypothyroidism (I had to a few months ago). Because there is no hypothyroidism! That’s great!

I was clearly not in “hormonal balance” before starting this program. I’m also feeling the effects of the other hormones in balance, too, because I’ve always had irregular periods, for instance, and now being close to the “premenopausal years”, when hormone levels are fluctuating, it would only get worse. Now I feel vital, both physically and mentally. I also notice that my mood is more stable, and I generally feel happier. As for my memory, it’s back!

Earlier I spent a great deal of money on supplements, vitamins and minerals, that I don’t have to now, because I get what I need from these ongoing energy transmissions. I’m excited to think about the possibilities for when Alexandriah can offer this to other people as well, when she is happy with the results that we get, those of us that are trying this out first.