09.28.2014 More Energy and Positive Feedback from Other People

In addition to having a lot more energy and not feeling depleted when done with a shift at work, I feel that a lot more of the patients are responding to me in a positive way, more so than before. I work mainly with elderly people, but I also feel this with my co-workers. People have expressed verbally that they think it’s nice when it’s me working, and some patients notice and express verbally, that I have comfortably warm hands.  Patients have also told me that they like it when I am their nurse.  Especially one old man who had suffered a stroke, was acting “crabby” with his nurse, but when I came in and talked to him, he smiled and took my hand.  It’s nice to get those kind of feedbacks.

I use The Living Light of EELA when touching patients.  It’s great for me not giving my personal energy away, and for them to get all the energy they want or need. I also give credit to the Power of Love and the 0 Point Frequency energies for giving me a greater ease in interacting with other people.  You have the buffer (0 Point Frequency) to create less friction with others, and the Power of Love , which will bring out the best in you and others around you.  Plus they respond to you in a more positive way.  It makes my job easier.


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  1. Adam Berry

    Thanks I’m interested in the Living Light of EELA practice also for gardening and growing food.

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