09.29.2014 Improved Skin and Digestion

This is related to the effects after the link up to the Hormone Replacement Support Star Team in July 2014.   As for my skin, I have noticed that I don’t bruise as easily as I did before, and that my skin seems firmer in a way, and not so dry as it was a couple of months ago, and my nails are not so brittle.  As a nurse, I know this dryness in particular can be related to the improvement of thyroid function.  Also, my digestion feels better, because I have had problems with my stomach after eating, it felt big and bloated even if I just ate lightly, so I know my digestion wasn’t the best.  Now it is not “swelling up” after I eat, and I have less gas.  You know, when you have the kind of noise from your stomach/intestines that are loud and embarrassing if eating with other people. Much less of that.  And to sum it up, the feeling of well being and all the energy I have now, is all because of the clearing work and the access to energies I have now from working with Alexandriah Stahr.