08.21.2014 Dragon Slaying

 After the Dragon Slaying on my daughter,   it took 3 days for her energies to calm down after that healing.  She is almost 2 and a half years old, and in her ‘”Terrible 2’s”.  But in between her tantrums she can be really sweet.   After the Dragon Slaying and Dark Force Overlay removal, I prayed to Lord Sananda and Mother Mary for her soul to be initiated onto the path of Light.
One night when I woke up and couldn’t sleep, I meditated, and this is when I saw my daughter with Lord Sananda and I literally saw a light being lit in her! I was moved and really happy for her, that my prayers were heard, and that her soul chose the path of Light.
 I am grateful for the Slaying the Dragon Practitioner Program, and on those of my acquaintances I have used it, I find they are a little easier to be around.  They are more mellow in their approach.
In my son, I have noticed that his eyes are not glazing over, as they used to, and he can actually hear what I am saying now.
I also sent the healing to a couple that was at the same hotel that we stayed at for a week.  They seemed to me to be kind of arrogant and “backtalking” towards other people.   I noticed a couple of days after I sent them the healing, that I was surprised when they actually talked to me and greeted me.