08.02.2014 Improving my Hormone Balance and Overall Well Being

 After the link up (to the Hormone Support Star Team), not the same day, but the day after I felt a difference, which I would describe as increased vitality. My body felt lighter and I felt the need to exercise again (haven’t been exercising much these last weeks), so I went for a run that day. I also noticed that my right knee, which has some damage to the kneecap (patella), was OK after the run, did not swell up as it sometimes does. Also the increased energy has been stable every day afterwards, I also worked out two more days this week. And this is only the sixth day! Exciting!
I also feel a more positive attitude, in spite of having to deal with difficult personalities in my family here, so all in all I feel lighter and more vital, in lack of better words.
I also would like to add that I had a bloodtest done  because of my hypothyroidism on the 5th (of August) and the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) has come down from my last test in June, when it was 11 to now 4,1, just above normal range which is 0,2-4,0. I know the test was a little premature, and I will take one again after giving the energies more time to work, but for me it’s great news, and my body feels good! This is after the link up to the Hormone Support Star Team.

To clarify, TSH levels should be between 0.2 and 4.0. Mine was too high, 11 a test taken in the middle of June. This means my thyroid was working overtime to keep the T3 and T4 levels up. My past test result was 4.1, a blood test taken on the 5th of August,just nine days with the Hormone Support Star Team, a level just above the normal level range. I expect this to go down further after giving the energies more time to work. This means my thyroid levels are starting to normalize and my metabolism is speeding up, because a struggling thyroid slows your metabolism down.

This is not only for the Hormone Support Star Team, but it includes vitamins/minerals and acid/alkaline balance, too.  Awesome! How would you like to get those frequencies without having to take any supplements? I don’t know about the effects on other people, but it seems to work for me!