07.20.2014 Financial Improvement Sign

I was on vacation in Santorini at the time of the update With the 13.13.13. Solar New Earth Reality  Support Star Team.  The day before the update we had some difficulties with the hotel, because we had ordered half board which includes dinner at the hotel, but because of a misunderstanding we had to pay the first dinner a la carte (from an expensive menu). We had to pay about 70 Euros, which made me disappointed with the whole deal.  Anyway, with no compensation on their part, the next day, and I believe this was after the Star Team update, we literally found 100 Euros on the ground.  I wasn’t the one who saw it, but it was beneficial to me and we didn’t see anyone who asked or was looking for missing money, otherwise I would have given it to them.  After this incident I saw Alexandriah’s mail about the Star Team update, and I took it as a sign that this financial support is working!

I also have to add that after this, I had an increase to my salary, too.   After working on getting the correct salary for the amount of years of experience I have in my chosen field of work, for quite a while, I finally got it.