05.29.2014 Feelings after the 2 Week Fast Track Clearing

Before the clearing process of the 2 Week Fast Track, I just wanted to “go home”.  I was feeling tired, and depressed, but now I feel that I can “endure” being here in this body.  I also see much more light now, feel clearer, and I’m grateful for searching the Internet for Sananda and Ashtar and found Alexandriah’s website.

I can also feel more confidence with my perceptions.  The tears I cry now, (I am easily moved) comes from feelings of gratitude, instead of sadness.  After a few days, after the “my boat is rocking feeling” ceased, I felt I will definitely keep clearing  with the help of Alexandriah to keep progressing.  It was nice to have the energy transmissions, and I felt the difference when the transmissions during those two weeks ended.  Alexandriah let me “try on” the Power of Love and the 0 Point Frequency, and I first chose the Power of Love Star Team.

I remember the instructions that said when you first get linked up, you may experience some sleeping difficulties for a few days.  For me, it was the opposite, I actually slept better.

But in meditation, calling upon Lord Sananda, he told me to get Sananda’s Christed Protection Star Team.  Then I tried to order that through Paypal, but for some reason, the button was not working at that time, so after talking to Alexandriah, I just jumped into joining the Monthly Star Team.  It includes Sananda’s Christed Star Team, and the other Star Teams that you can get separately, plus so much more.  Now, I feel much safer, with all the negative energies that are around.  Also, I used to have dreams of evil beings trying to shoot me, or throw knives at me and such, but thankfully, I have them no more.  I am really grateful for the The Monthly Star Team.  It is so worth it!!